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Mindfulness Day: Mindful employment and life

The joint project with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was aimed at raising awareness on Mindful employment practices and lifestyle.

For the first time in Yerevan, the Mindfulness Day was organized to showcase its importance in everyday life.

What is Mindfulness? How to become mindful and avoid burnout? These and more related topics were revealed during the workshop entitled “Mindful employment and life: Japanese secret – IKIGAI” organized by DNA Strategy in 2023.

The event was designed for

  • Business people,
  • HR experts and managers, the responsibles in the company for the healthy and wealthy atmosphere
  • Marketing, Sales and Event Managers,
  • High-tech industry employees, who usually face the problem of burnout and don’t know how to overcome or prevent it,
  • All interested business residents.

The event was organized in partnership with JICA and was aimed to highlight the importance of finding personal IKIGAI – the Japanese secret to long and happy life.

The speakers shared their expertise on the following topics:

  • “Mindfulness importance in business ecosystem”, Siranush Gyurjinyan, “DNA Strategy” Founding Director, CMC
  • “Mindfulness in HR”, Maya Aslanyan, Human Resources Expert
  • “Psychological aspects of Burnout”, Sophia Shesternenko, Psychologist (20+ years’ experience)
  • “Mindfulness and Yoga, myths and solutions”, Stella Bedzhanyan, Mindfulness and Yoga certified expert.

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