DNA strategy

Business Communication with special exercises for artists

Anyone in business is facing situations of inability and lack of skills for fascinating business communication and presentations, pitching for the audiences.

DNA Strategy in cooperation with SEM STUDIO organized a training session on how To manage emotions and to speak precisely entitled “Business Communication with special exercises for artists”.

Artists from SEM STUDIO practiced special exercises for the artists that make them free of any abundance and complexes, make them feel the role and manipulate with personal emotions the way they want.

The workshop amplified two sections:

Section 1 

  • Communication Skills: importance and actual problems
  • Efficient Communication 
  • Public Speaking
  • Why do we need pitches and how to manage emotions and keep the mind clear.

Section 2

  • Special artistic exercises (to unveil and manage inner anxiety, balance one’s mind, body language management)
  • Stage speech: breathing, facial, speech-oriented exercises,
  • Harmonized body and soul with clear and easy-to-understand manners in speech.


✔️Siranush Gyurjinyan – PR and Communications expert, Certified Management Consultant, CMC, DNA Strategy Founding Director

✔️ Siranush Lazyan – Actress, SEM STUDIO Co-Founder

✔️ Samvel Danielyan – Artist,  SEM STUDIO Co-Founder


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